Custom Performance Diesel Plungers and Barrels

One of our competencies is the manufacturing of fuel / diesel injector pump components like plungers and barrels. We design, optimize and oversize any existing fuel injector plunger and barrel assembly. Our parts and their surface finishes meet and exceed standards from leading fuel / diesel injection manufacturers.

May you be interested in increasing horsepower or just finding a quality parts supplier, we are your diesel injection solution!

Our design and manufacturing team achieves revolutionary surface finishes of Ra 0.05 and tolerances of +/- 0.002 mm!

In addition, we DLC coat surfaces for longevity and durability. 

Custom DLLA and NBM Type Diesel Injection Nozzles

We manufacture direct injection and p-pump diesel injector nozzles and needles. We are supplying the OEM and Aftermarket industry with state-of-the-art individualized diesel injection products!

Our engineering and manufacturing department helps our customers realize their injection goals by designing custom injection spray patterns, optimizing fuel flow, etc. We supply working prototypes of upcoming series parts by means of manufacturing diesel injector nozzle blanks through deploying DMLS.

After testing is completed, production is started using conventional methods of nozzle blank manufacturing, depending on their internal cavity structure.

Once the blanks are ready, we finish each nozzle by grinding, pre-machining, heat treating, grinding again and fitting the needle to each nozzle body.

To get a quote, all you need PREFERABLY is a 2-D drawing and 3-D part file like .stp, .igs, etc. or just simply tell us what your requirements are.

We can also perform reverse engineering to create the drawings, part files etc. needed for manufacturing.