CHB-Evo. Engine Family:

Internal Combustion Engine Components being assembled
Partially Assembled CHB-Evo. Engine Module

We present to you the future of the internal combustion engine.

Our patented, highly efficient internal combustion engine makes use of the conventional petrol based infrastructure, while delivering cleaner and more powerful energy.


Our CHB Internal Combustion Engine relies on technology that we patented in 2005.


The CHB-Evo. 1000 ccm Diesel is equipped with common-rail direct injection. The proprietary fuel injector nozzle was developed in a joint cooperation with Bosch Engineering Group North America.


It has significant performance gains over conventional reciprocating internal combustion engines. The circular shape and design is not be mistaken with a rotary engine. Its opposing pistons travel from TDC to BDC and do not continuously revolve.  


The CHB-Evo. Diesel Engine operates in accordance to the "Reisser-Cycle". It is a proprietary “One-Cycle Principal”, which is a hybrid of a four-stroke and two-stroke internal combustion principal. 


The CHB Engine Family is built in accordance to a “Sandwich Principal”. Every module has a given set of parts. These parts are used to assemble each and every module. If an application desires more output, in terms of power, modules are coupled together to achieve a greater output.

CHB-Evo. Steam Engine

The CHB-Evo. SE is a highly efficient steam engine that shares all mechanical components with the CHB-Evo. 1L Diesel Internal Combustion Engine.


Basic Characteristics are

1000 ccm Displacement

It has significant torque and power potential over other steam engines, due to its


Kinematic Design, Opposing Pistons

The only accessories required is a hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, steam proportioning valve and can-bus controller. to facilitate variable speed and torque operation. The steam proportioning valve, which is hydraulically driven, directs hot air “steam” into each expansion chamber (formerly combustion chamber).

Due to its envelope size, less than 500 mm in diameter, the CHB-Evo. Steam Engine is best suited for waste heat recuperation, remote power generation and as an industrial multipurpose drive.

The total piston surface area is significantly increased, due to having two opposing pistons per expansion chamber, yielding an extremely high torque to weight ratio. In part, the patented kinematic mechanism's superior leverage of the engaging members, results in a superior power output.

NR-1 Supermileage Car --200 Miles Per Gallon:

NR-1 Supermileage Vehicle Isometric View

The brilliant and vibrant body lines give the NR-1 Supermileage Vehicle, a blended touch of masculinity and femininity. It defines sex appeal and ingenuity.

Not only does it bedazzle with its looks, but also with its performance. This superb mechanical marvel will propel you to a cruising speed of 70 mph, while maintaining its mind blowing fuel consumption, which amounts to approx. 200 miles/gallon of diesel fuel.

Ride in style and show your fellow men, that you collectively care for all of our future by emitting the least possible carbon footprint and minimizing our national dependency on foreign oil.


Being environmentally conscious does not mean that you have to compromise your style.


Never settle for less!


The NR-1 is an innovative automobile platform which offers a variety of novelties.

The most notorious novelty is the incorporation of the CHB-Evo. Internal Combustion Engine.


The fiberglass body is supported by an all welded tubular chassis, which has front and rear provisions to mount the proprietary independent front and rear suspensions. These suspension assemblies have been designed in light of space, roll-resistance and collision requirements.

The suspension is of a proprietary design, which enables the passenger compartment to be as spacious as possible. The unique design of the tubular chassis in cooperation with the suspension, has a tremendous benefit in front and rear collisions.

 Ceramic Cylinder Liners:

CNC Billet Machining
NR Ceramic 2-Stroke Cylinder Liner being machined from Billet Material

To accommodate the smallest of engines -the 2-Stroke Engine-, we are manufacturing ceramic cylinder liners. These liners are designed to withstand the harshest running conditions and operating environments. 


While maintaining or reducing the mass of any 2-Stroke engine, we are able to achieve performance gains for a variety of 2-Stroke applications. The return on maximized output is not just performance, but reduced emissions and fuel consumption!


Contact us today, we can adapt our ceramic cylinder liners to your engine specific applications.


Ceramic Pistons:

Partially CNC ISO 9001:2008 machined Ceramic Billet Pistons
NR 2-Stroke Ceramic Billet Engine Pistons

Our proprietary metal ring-less ceramic piston design reduces emissions and increases horsepower, while reducing the overall fuel consumption. Well, it is very simple, engines which have been manufactured or retrofitted with our NR Non-Metal Ringless Ceramic Pistons, run hotter and with less friction.


Thermal Efficiency is a function of many variables, but foremost temperature. The hotter you can burn, the more energy you can harness from any given unit of fuel!


You add that to the overall frictional reduction of the design and you get an increased performance output.


The increased in-cylinder combustion temperatures furthermore reduce emissions!