We are driven to Innovate

It is our "Key-Goal" to deliver more value on the dollar for every service or product we sell. 


Since our establishment in 2007, we have grown in a variety of industries to deliver expanded products and services for Efficient Powertrain / Efficient Diesel Engine Solutions, Efficient Steam Engine Solutions,  Supemileage Vehicle Platforms, Ceramic Internal Combustion Engine Pistons, Performance Turbocharger Parts, Performance Diesel Injection Parts, etc.


Our In-House design team established itself as a forerunner in the implementation, design and technological integration of carbon fiber material in the furniture, accessory and bathroom fixture industry. 

CHB Engine

NR-1 Supermileage Vehicle

Ceramic Pistons

Performance Turbo

Carbon Fiber Design

Agricultural Products

Mechanical Engineering | Custom Design | Manufacturing Services

CAD / CAE Computer Aided Engineering

Billet  Turbocharger Compressor Impeller Optimization and Manufacturing

Inconel Turbine Impeller Optimization and Manufacturing

Turbocharger Housing Design and Manufacturing

Diesel Injection Plunger and Barrel & Injector Nozzle Design and Manufacturing

General Product Design Concept -2-Market

CUSTOM Prototype and Mass Production CNC  Mfg. (Milling, Grinding, EDM, etc.)

Turn-Key and CUSTOM Automotive Products

Patented Fuel Efficiency Products

Internal Combustion Engine Solutions

Turbocharger "Forced Air Induction" Products

Mechanical / Common Rail Diesel Injection Products

Tractor & Truck Pulling Turbochargers

High-End Design Furniture

Exquisite Carbon Fiber Design Furniture and Accessories

Agricultural Products

Stainless-Steel Sprayer Boom +90 ft

Performance Field Cultivator Tillage Sweeps

NIAMA-REISSER, LLC sets itself apart from other manufacturers and service providers, by delivering "state-of-the-art" product design, in lieu with product manufacturing services, all under one roof!


Furthermore, having been in business since 2007, we have accumulated a wealth of "know-how" in the automotive, internal combustion engine, furniture and agricultural industries.


The United States Patent Office and those of Germany, India, Japan, China, etc. have all awarded us PATENTS in excess of 35 globally.


We are the home of the true 200 Miles Per Gallon automobile/car (NR-1), its proprietary, revolutionary and patented diesel direct injected powertrain (CHB-Evo. Internal Combustion Engine) and made in the USA/Germany Optimizer Turbocharger Parts, etc.


NIAMA-REISSER, LLC capitalizes from its strong Product Diversification by allowing synergies to generate and flourish between its own product segments.  

Our Diversification comes at your Benefit

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Patented, Revolutionary Internal Combustion Engine Technology
Some of our Patents