NIAMA-REISSER, LLC Agricultural Products

Our agricultural product line is coined “Top-Yield”. All of our products are geared towards maximizing your return on investment, by increasing Yield, improving Weed Control, reducing Replacement Cost and increasing Operator Productivity.


Optimize your agricultural operation and reward yourself and your equipment with revolutionary products that help operators and owners save money, downtime and hassle. We have field tested all of our products on test farms all across Ohio. All of our products have undergone a two year test cycle prior to public release.


Rest assured, that our products deliver what they promise!

Field Cultivator Tillage Sweeps

Our Tillage Products not only deliver better seed beds for planting and eliminate weeds in the process, but they last longer than conventional metal parts for rippers, field cultivators and planters.


Our R&D Team has chosen the right type of metal along with the best heat treatment available to make our proprietary sweeps last up to 2.5 times longer than conventional sweeps.



They last longer and cost less!


Choose from Knock-On, Bolt-On and a variety of sizes, etc.

10" Bolt-On Tillage Sweep

7.5" Bolt-On Tillage Sweep

Knock-On Halter System "C"

10" Knock-On Tillage Sweep

Knock-On Halter System "F"

7.5" Knock-On Tillage Sweep

Grain Harvester "Combine" Camera

Field losses due to Header and Combine malfunction, due to inadequate adjustments are already bad enough in themselves, because they impact the budget. It gets even worse, when grain is lost due to overloading and spilling grain.


Our proprietary, forced ventilation Grain Harvester Camera System is designed to eliminate just that, in addition to acting as a rear-view camera.  Being mounted on the unloading auger of a combine/harvester, the system functions as a sealed unit, which pressurizes air in the housing and forces air out of its ventilation holes in the clear plexi-glass enclosure. This feature eliminates dirt or dust deposits on the camera lens and keeps the operators sight clear of obstructions.


When the unloading auger is retracted, alongside the center axis of the combine, the system can be remotely controlled to rotate the camera within the housing in a rear-view position, so that the operator can see approaching gravity wagons, etc. and monitor his/her surrounding, eliminating potentially costly collisions with stationary or moving objects.


A low cost solution, which pays for itself!

Complete System

Bottom Half

Mechanical Apparatus

Stainless-Steel Sprayer Boom

Don’t wait until your sprayer has a breakdown, due to a broken sprayer boom. Invest in a long-term solution to keep your sprayer spraying like new, for many years to come. You shouldn’t have to power-wash and Chem-Coat/Liquid Film your steel or aluminum sprayer booms with anti-corrosion coatings year after year. These are costly and time consuming, given the fact, that you have to reapply these coatings after every other good rain shower.


Aluminum Sprayer Booms brake easily and are not 100% corrosion resistant. Steel Booms are cheap, yet rust almost immediately once the metal is exposed to the environment.


Our Stainless Steel Booms are designed for 90 foot and 120 foot universal applications: Hagie, Miller, etc. They are stronger and 100% corrosion resistant.

Sprayer booms should last as long as you need them to last and not dictate, when the chemical exposure has been too great and a failure is imminent.


On average, our stainless steel booms match the factory replacement cost for conventional steel booms!

Structural Analysis of NR Stainless Steel Sprayer Boom 90 ft Extended

Structural Testing of Stainless Steel Sprayer Boom
90 Foot Stainless Steel Sprayer Boom

Structural Analysis of NR Stainless Steel Sprayer Boom 90 ft Upright

90 Foot Stainless Steel Sprayer Boom Structural Analysis
90 Foot Stainless Steel Sprayer Boom Folding

Structural Analysis of NR Stainless Steel Sprayer Boom 90 ft Folded

Structural Analysis CAE of Stainless Steel Sprayer Boom
90 Foot Sprayer Boom